Photos by Blizzard Terrak

Nn/Nah: tokidoki-loki

Gaius: jackoftrades4

Nono/Nowi: Me!

Oh my god these two.  These two, oh my god.  I can’t even find the words to properly define how amazingly amazing they are.  They are among the most amazingly amazing people to ever amazing in my life and I miss them a lot.  I hope I get to see them sooner than Katsucon 2015.  I just want to go get Fro-Yo, Pho, doughnuts, cookies, teppan-yaki and sit in front of the TV and watch anime and cuddle. ;___;

Well, that escalated quickly.

Photos by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography

Sailor Mercury: nyunyucosplay

Sailor Mars: daydreamernessa

Sailor Moon: Me!

Tumblr has been refusing to let me submit an essay/text entry for days so you get a photo dump instead. :(

Sailor Venus: sparklepipsi

Sailor Jupiter: Teca

Sailor Mars: daydreamernessa

Sailor Mercury: nyunyucosplay

Tuxedo Mask: yasonoj

Sailor Moon: Me!

Other Sailor Moons: windofthestars & Zan

ChibiMoon: hezachan

Thank you guys for all of you making AX such an amazing weekend!  


Some of the upcoming Sailor Moon Banpresto prizes!

I just died from cute. I don’t even like plushies but ho shit. DAT LUNA.














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Sailor Moon Earrings – KPONOS on Etsy

I just got my earrings in from KPONOS for my Sailor Moon costume and OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM!  They are even more beautiful than the photos!  I can’t wait to wear them at AX!

No one will EVER guess my next costume.

…No one.

Photos by darkain: 

Nanami by nyunyucosplay

Tsuwabuki Mitsuru by me!

My second Revolutionary Girl Utena cosplay!  My friends sylphyseams and nyunyucosplay were wanting to do an Utena group after last year’s awesome Escaflowne group and since NyuNyu was doing her duelist Nanami, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make Mitsuru’s Black Rose duelist uniform!  Even if very few people remember him I always thought Mitsuru was super adorable and I really liked his duelist design….  That he wears for less than 2 minutes on-screen.  BUT ANYWAY.  I got pretty pictures with beautiful Nanami-sama and I am pleased. \o/


New Sailor Moon Petit Chara Figures announced!! Details:

Allow me to make a non-cosplay post in order to say.

SERENITY!!!  :O  *grabby hands*

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Photos by Fanboy Photos:

DISCLAIMER: I do not actually know how to use or hold a bo staff…  Hurf hurf…

This outfit was actually supposed to be for a group that ended up never happening.  It sat in the closet for a couple of years, but the opportunity for the three of us just never came up again.  But, I decided I worked hard on her, and she deserved to see some daylight and a couple of cons! :)  I’m really glad I wore her, I LOVE how the apron turned out, and it makes me want to make more maid characters, or at least characters with cute ruffles and aprons!  

I’ve secretly always wanted to make custom aprons for selling, but I’m always defeated by the forethought that no one will buy them for what they’re worth. ;_;