Hakamaaaaa!  I had some dark purple polyester shantung lying around for a project that never got off of the ground.  Since I’m trying to use up a chunk of the fabric in my closet, I looked through my artbooks and found an artbook photo of Cardcaptor Sakura that I remember really loving when I first saw it in the book!  I bought an extra yard to top of the huge chunk I had already and this happened!

I really want to make a tutorial on how I made these hakama, but there was so much trial and error, even with the tutorial I had saved from last time.  There were a lot of steps I changed and I didn’t take enough pictures of the pleating progress…  Boo!  Well, next time!  

Photos by WeNeals Photography

Pink sugar hearts everywhere!  Even if there are things I want to go back and adjust/improve, I’m really happy with how ChibiMoon came out…  And I never dreamed I’d get to be part of such an amazing, full Eternal group. ;_;  I know I’ve said it before but STILL TRUE.  STILL SURPRISED.  STILL IN AWE.  ;A;

Cosplay Contests, Chapter 3: Skill Divisions (What are they?)


The vast majority of cosplay contests have skill divisions.  Skill divisions, as the name would imply, divide the contestants up into groups according to their level of skill.  Contestants are divided into groups based on their assumed skill level to try and keep the contest as fair as possible.  It simply isn’t fair for a beginner who has made 1-2 costumes to compete directly against someone who has made a dozen costumes and has a few years of experience.

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Cosplay Contest Comment #2


If ever you are in the judging room and explaining your costume, do not say:

"I did it this way because everyone else does it wrong."

When you say this, you not only make yourself look extremely pretentious, you are insulting countless other cosplayers (possibly including some of the judges)….

Why does the line at the fabric store take so long??


Why does the line at the fabric store take so long, indeed.

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"I only wear a size 2 there’s no way I’m a 12, this pattern is STUPID!"

-Every non-sewer mom/daughter duo who suddenly wants to sew to make a prom dress.





What could that metallic blue splat be for?  IDK yet…  But I have ideas. :D ….SOMETHING SHINY.

One of us… One of us…

Soon, my child.  Soon. :3



What could that metallic blue splat be for?  IDK yet…  But I have ideas. :D ….SOMETHING SHINY.

jemmalep said: hi there! I just came across the photos of your beautiful princess mononoke cosplay and I was wondering if I could trouble you and ask where you got your shoes from? that's the only part I'm having trouble with! thank you~

Hello! :D  And thank you!

They are actually just ballet flats inside.  I made suede shoe/boot covers that slip over them and used some khaki twill tape to wrap up around them for the ties.  These particular shoe covers were pretty easy since they didn’t have to be perfectly fitted, as hers are rumply and gathered. :)  This is a good tutorial to use for ideas.  For San of course, they won’t have to be super fitted.  Hope this helps!


Photos by BGZ Studios

I only have two photos of this costume…  Even here, over a year later.  But damn if they aren’t really nice photos. ;o;

I really need to finish this up and wear it again!

Cosplay Contest Comment #1


Too many times, I see contestants, friends of contestants, and audience members bashing the judges of cosplay contests saying that the judges are “stupid” or “unqualified” or “blind” when a costume deemed unworthy by spectators has been awarded.

While on a rare occasion a contest is unfortunate…